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Rooted in the technology, data, and driven by strong creative and communication strategy, Graphitto transforms companies by combining these capabilities into a single solution. Graphitto's creative, planning, and production teams’ partner to develop
integrated marketing campaigns that are user centric.

Our goal is to achieve defined business objectives while enhancing the brand and meeting user needs. This user-centric approach has made us the fastest-growing agency of the past decade.


It all starts with planning. We thoroughly study your brand; define the different segments of your target audience and the market in which you operate. Then, we make sure your digital ecosystem is perfected and ready for your brand to reach its end-clients. This means that we improve your digital products, or build them from scratch, focusing on great UX & smart and applicable development.

What can we create for you?

  • Apps
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Blogs
  • Mini sites & much more…
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Products Details

Graphitto helps brands, Film production houses, individuals navigate conversations in social and the broader media landscape, helping them use earned media to influence brand favorability and purchase intent.


Graphitto Labs helps brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through top influencers, such as bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers.


Clients who partner with Graphitto for media services truly have a win-win proposition: a user-centric media approach that enables clientele to do the Media planning with minimum Investment for activations for their brands, films and events.


We begin with an experience brief, which defines how the target audience navigates solving their problems through the entire customer journey, and the appropriate channels that are effective in reaching the audience and meeting user expectations.


Graphitto has three content units: Content Strategy, Editorial Services, and Studio


We make sense of your data and find new ways to propel performance higher. Our team is super-smart and constantly curious. We spot the trends and opportunities to drive the brilliant results you want. And we’re always completely transparent and totally secure.


We transform the way you do business by helping you adopt and adapt to tomorrow’s technologies. We partner with a suite of technology providers, platforms and tools, so you have just the right tech for the job – now and tomorrow. Meet the future head-on.


Our experienced team of trainers and practitioners share their specialized digital marketing knowledge with individuals, teams, and businesses all over the world. Helping you to discover more, do more – and go further. This is growing knowledge. This is growing together.

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We are here to help you find your voice, and use it to tell interesting, relevant & engaging stories. Refining the right message and delivering it in the right format is one of our greatest passions. Our style varies since we follow one rule: it has to be a style that will best serve your brand and your business objectives.

Our team of experienced storytellers and designers know that every brand is unique, and has its own tone and style. Well aware of the short attention span of users these days, they constantly seek out new inspirations and innovative ways to make your brand stand out.

Whether you need a full 360 campaign, a banner, a landing page, a mini-site or a marketing video – we got you covered. Our experience includes e-commerce, fashion, startups, finance, real estate and more. We work closely with our media and SEO teams, making sure our message is not just creative, but well suited for your marketing goals.

About Team

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Kapil Jain is a serial entrepreneur
author, speaker and internet personality

He started his career as a finance and investment professional, and later switched to the digital marketing and social media front. Today he is known as the co-founder of two internet companies- Digital Sukoon and Graphitto Labs. Kapil, along with his partner Sudhanshu founded Digital Sukoon, a social media focused digital agency in 2019. His expertise is not just limited to social media marketing, content creation, brand creation and recognition, creating a brand identity and awareness, affiliate marketing among all, but he also looks into content acquisition, monetization and establishing a scalable, transparent and efficient business for Graphitto Labs by providing the best service to his clients.

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Sudhanshu is one of the top 5 digital
marketers of Bollywood film industry

He was recognized as best online advertising marketer in India by Human rights commission. He started his career as ethical hacker and established himself as a frontrunner in digital marketing. Sudhanshu specializes in profiling, branding, managing, and scaling digital content reach. He has helped large production such as Prakash Jha productions, YRF, Reliance grow through digital marketing and content monetization.

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